Ease of use, friendliness and fast deployment. Quick amortization of product that makes it really attractive for any company.


Maintenance Management

Linx 7.0 is a CMMS, computer software to completely manage a maintenance department.

Linx 7.0 is a standard tool to manage the maintenance of any facility, whether in industrial environment or building level.

The program is extremely versatile and adaptable to different environments to manage all the needs that discerning customers need to know and make decisions immediately.


Data Control

Linx 7.0 facilitates and automates maintenance planning, allows comprehensive control of all critical to improve maintenance management and obtains the necessary information requested by any department of the enterprise data.

Manage Assets, Human Resources (internal / external), Spare Parts (management, stocks, requests), Work Orders (Preventive, Corrective, Predictive). Application for Intervention, Statistics. Don’t leave anything to chance with Linx, we control everything in order to exploit to the fullest.


Advanced Technology

Linx 7.0 incorporates the latest technology and the most efficient technical elements to facilitate and ensure a simple and reliable process.

Several environments available: a Windows Client environment for the most advanced and complete management, a Web environment for conducting Queries and Requests Intervention, a Tablet mobile application for management in real-time in the own place for the Operators and Workers, Readers Barcode (in all modes) for the management of spare parts, etc.


Ease of deployment

The deployment of Linx 7.0 is the most important part for us.

Our experience and ease of use of the program allow to deploy very quickly and may be running a new deployment in between 1 and 2 months.

Our experience in many environments allows us to understand their problems and solve problems that surely have had other clients.



Linx 7.0 is a tool that is not intended as an isolated software within the company, but is intended to be integrated with existing enterprise systems.

Allows connection to SCADA systems for data acquisition and recalculation of WO schedules.

It integrates with any ERP software sharing information in bidirectional manner: SAP, Navision, Baan, Movex, Oracle, etc.

Ask us what wants to integrate, and certainly we will make it happen!



Linx 7.0 is a tool designed to help the maintenance department in its management, efficiency and improvement, so our licensing policy is not based on program modules or bill for users.

Linx 7.0 sold as a complete product with unlimited number of users, allowing an exhaustive of control and user profile management, where each client develops within your company to make it more effective.



Sistemas de Publicaciones Informáticas (S.P.I.) was founded in 1992 in Barcelona, is a company dedicated to providing solutions in the field of Maintenance Management.

Today is formed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with the goal of being a technology partner to its clients and a reference within the sector, adding value and developing projects based on trust and experience of over 20 years.

The development of the tool is based on our own experience and on our customers and always looking for technological and functional innovations that provide more simplicity, robustness and speed of data entry.

We want to be your partner in your maintenance projects, we are confident that we can bring you the solution your company needs.

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Automotive industry has been and remains the most advanced sector in production and maintenance. The pressures on the deadlines and quality audits of the brands, and the famous just-in-time, demand more each day to the machinery and the maintenance personnel.

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry has experienced an exponential growth in recent years. The high demands of consumers regarding food quality and safety as well as the growth of private labels, has made the sector believes and grows in the maintenance management.


Maintenance of logistics is becoming a key player in terms of time and the needs to meet deadlines. The problem are the fixed assets and the large number of moving elements.


The pharmaceutical world is one of the sectors most regulated and controlled by the states. The quality requirements and their complicated systems of production and R + D + R, need a very specialized controls and checking’s.


The maintenance of Hospitals is a 24/7 service. The great importance of this service is to ensure the best conditions to patients and employees at the center. Not only maintaining the infrastructure but the complex and costly electro medical equipment.

Other Sectors

We also work in other sectors such as Utilities (Fire stations, City Councils, County Councils), Shipyards, Shopping Centers, Chemical, Aeronautical, Toys, Universities, Residences, Graphic Arts, Construction, etc.


SICMA International
Bd-ul Bucurestii Noi, nr. 25A
Sector 1
012352 Bucuresti
Tel: +4.031.438.0558

Price Table

1 Enterprise CMMSLinx

Server License
Unlimited Users
1 year Maintenance
Training On-Site
Mobility Off-line (50 users)
Multi-Enterprise 5
Services Option



1 Enterprise+Plus CMMSLinx

Server License
Unlimited Users
1 year Maintenance
Training On-Site
Mobility Off-line (50 users)
Multi-Enterprise 5
Services Option



Multi-Enterprise 5 CMMSLinx

Server License
Unlimited Users
1 year Maintenance
Training On-Site
Mobility Off-line (50 users)
Multi-Enterprise 5
Services Option



Services CMMSLinx

Server License
Unlimited Users
1 year Maintenance
Training On-Site
Mobility Off-line (50 users)
Multi-Enterprise 5
Services Option





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